Nursery is part of our Early Years (EY) Key Stage at St Cuthbert’s, a distinct stage of education that children experience from the ages of 3 to 5 years.

Within our school, the Early Years Key Stage comprises of two sections; Lower EY (Nursery) and Upper EY (Reception).  The EY follows a curriculum that places learning and achievement firmly within the context of play, practical and experiential learning.

At St Cuthbert’s we use a document called This is me Moving Forward (click the link). This document gives us a fuller picture of your child, so that we can give them the best start at St Cuthbert’s. We usually fill this document out with you during our home visit.

From their third birthday, all children are entitled to 15 hours nursery provision. In our Nursery, we have places for 52 children and operate a selection of 15-hour attendance arrangements.

We also offer an additional 15 hours for those people who are eligible for 30 hours free childcare under new government arrangements.  Full details of this benefit can be obtained from:

At St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School we offer:

  • Morning Session-15 hours am Monday – Friday (8.45am-11.45am)

  • Afternoon Session-15 hours pm Monday-Friday (12:15pm-3:15pm)

  • 30 hours Mon – Fri (8.45am – 3.00pm) – Children to bring their own lunch

  • Parents eligible to take up the offer of 30 hours must apply for their eligibility code as soon as possible and return it to school for checking.  Please check here to see if you are eligible

Before your child starts with us, we offer stay and play sessions, where your child can come for short sessions (60 minutes) to experience the setting.

Should you wish for your child to attend St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School Nursery, please contact us on 01642 601567 or email to add your child to the waiting list and arrange an appointment for a stay and play.

We currently have places available in nursery to start in September 2020. Please contact the school for further details.

In order to capture your child’s ‘learning journey’, we use a system called Evidence Me.

The ‘Parent Share’ feature in Evidence Me enables you to view reports (complete with photos) via the app or web suite, showing you what your child has been learning and the new skills they are developing.

You can send us your comments and feedback by simply adding them to the reports. This will help our staff to support your child even more effectively in the classroom.

Please visit for further information and guidance.

Services include:

  • Midwife and Health Visitor sessions.

  • Activity sessions including volunteer led stay and play.

  • A programme of workshops on a number of themes right across the 0 – 19 age range.

  • Our friendly cafe where all are welcome, with some offering extended opening hours and providing tasty meals and snacks at great prices.  Look out for special offers.

  • Advice and information on services and activities happening in your area.

  • Access to extra support when you need it.

  • Opportunity to become a volunteer, sharing your skills and experience to help other families.

Hungry Little Minds

Nursery (21-22) Today’s Work

Please send us your child’s work, pictures, photos or videos to or upload it to Evidence Me.


Today is the last day that we will be looking at the topic ‘Celebrations’.

As a way to remember the topic think about different celebrations that you have been to.  Put together a simple list with an adult.  Then think about which celebration was your favourite and why.  Can you draw or paint a picture and then write a sentence about it.


For the rest of this week we will be learning about the Bible story Noah’s Ark, share this story with your child. Click the link and scroll down to find the story.

Then colour in the picture below

If you can’t print it out then have a go at drawing, painting or making your own Noah’s Ark.



Today Share the song- the animals came in two by two.


Now draw a picture of some of the different animals that went into the ark and label them.


Thursday and Friday:

Look together at the different parts of the story Noah’s Ark discussing the order of this Bible story.  Then sequence the pictures in the correct order.  Or if you are unable to print them out draw your own pictures on squares of white paper to sequence the story.  Finally stick them in the correct order on a strip of paper. 



Share the story Avocado Baby

Monday: Last week the children had the opportunity to discuss the story and the different events.  We will now put the main parts of the story into a story map.  Encourage your child to discuss the Hargraves family.   Mrs Hargraves is married to Mr Hargraves and she is going to have a baby.  She is hoping that the baby will not be as weak as the other children. 

Today your child will draw the Hargraves family.  Encourage them to label the characters by writing the initial sounds for ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.


Tuesday: Today, discuss how the baby was weak but when it had an avocado pear everything changed.  What could the baby do now?  What did the baby do when a burglar came into the house?

Support your child drawing the baby, avocado and burglar.  Focus them on thinking about and writing the initial sounds using the RWI mantras.   Scribe a response about what the baby did to the burglar.


Wednesday: Discuss all the amazing things that the baby could now do.  1) Help carry the shopping.  2) Move the furniture.  3) Push the car when it would not start. 

What other things might the baby be able to do?  E.g. The avocado baby was so strong it helped move a tree in the storm.  Discuss different ideas and get an adult to scribe your responses.  Encourage your child to speak in full sentences.


Thursday: Discuss the final events in the story.  What happened when the baby met the bullies in the park? How do you think the children felt?

Draw the b b bullies and the b b baby and the bullies getting pushed in the pond.  Practise the formation of ‘b’ and ‘b’.


Friday: Today the children can think about a new story.  What else could a baby eat that would make them do extraordinary things?   E.g. A Banana Baby might have the power to fly.

Draw your own front cover with the baby.  E.g. Banana Baby or Pizza Baby

What is the extraordinary power that the baby has?  Ask an adult to scribe your response under the drawing.



Monday: Making the same-Encourage your child to find things that are the same. It might be objects or amounts. If you have 3 teddies can they find the same? 2 coins? 4 spoons? Etc. Repeat this with different amounts to 5. Encourage them to use the words ‘same’ and ‘not the same’ or ‘different’.

Tuesday: Heavier or Lighter. Using different food items and scales, can your child tell you which they think is heavier and which is lighter? If you don’t have scales your child can use their hands instead to feel the weight. Can they order some of the items heaviest to lightest?

Wednesday: Create patterns with building bricks, Lego food, toys, whatever you have around the house. Say the pattern aloud red, yellow, red, yellow… What would come next? Repeat with different colours or objects e.g. knife, fork, knife, fork…What would come next?

Thursday: Number hunt- make a number line or number cards for your child. Can they find numbers to match around the house or when they look out the window? Can they see numbers on cars, in books, on food packets, on clothes labels? How many numbers can they find?

Friday: Preposition fun. Give your child different instructions using prepositions- with a teddy, beanbag, ball etc, can they put it on their heads, under a chair, on top of the table, next to themselves, in front, behind etc. When they have had fun following instructions can they give you some prepositions to do? You can play Simon Says…Simon says put your hands behind your back etc.


Share Numberblocks Episodes with your child. Discuss the episode. What numbers do they know?





Introduce the picture. Net- down Nobby and over his net.



Get your child to say the picture name. Then say the sound name ‘n’

Can they have a go at drawing a ‘n’






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