Welcome to St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School Website

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to our website, where you will find information about our school and you will be able to view various activities that take place within school across the year.

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School. We are a school that is committed to achieving the very best for all children. We believe happy children are successful children. We provide a warm and nurturing environment for all our children, families, staff and visitors.

We have a team of hardworking and committed staff who are dedicated to doing the very best for all children. We want them to learn together and fulfil their potential thus laying the foundations for a lifelong learning journey.

Our Catholic faith is at the heart of our school and is evident as soon as you step foot through our doors. We treat everyone in school with care and respect and we ‘Delight in the Good’ of all.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Mrs Parnell

A Message from Our Parish Priest, Canon John Cooper

Dear Parents,

When a child is baptised into the community of the parish of St Cuthbert, Stockton, they are welcomed into God’s family. Baptism is the start of their life in the Church and the Church offers to support the parents in helping their child to grow in the practice of the faith. This responsibility primarily belongs to the parents, and indeed parents promise during the baptism ceremony to “encourage our child to keep God’s commandments as Jesus has taught us”.

St Cuthbert’s school is one of the ways that the parish community supports parents in this responsibility. Your child will come to our school in order to receive the benefit of this support in their academic, social and spiritual lives. We hope that each child will come to fulfil their potential and enjoy their time with us.

Where places are available, the Catholic community welcomes children of other faiths into our school. If your child is not baptised Catholic, we hope that you will know that they are an integral part of our school and wider Catholic Community, and will take a full and active part in all aspects of live within the school.

We welcome you and your child to our school and know that it will be a happy and fulfilling time for us all.

Yours Faithfully

Canon John Cooper Parish Priest