Children in KS1 are eligible for Universal Free School Meals and children in KS2 have the choice of staying for school lunch or bringing a healthy packed lunch. Four weekly menus are carefully designed, by the catering company, to take account of stringent, nutritional guidelines.

Families eligible for free school meals need to contact Stockton LA to claim their entitlement. Claims cannot be back-dated and therefore until your eligibility is confirmed meals need to be paid for or a packed lunch supplied for your child. Schools meals are charged at £2:50 per day and need to be paid via MCAS. Contact school office for details. 

In line with our healthy eating policy sweets and fizzy drinks are NOT permitted at breaks, nor in packed lunch boxes.

Healthy Eating

At St Cuthbert’s we place great emphasis on developing healthy eating habits. All children in Foundation and KS1 receive free fruit each day.

We provide children with a water bottle to ensure they remain hydrated.